Small Business Package

Video is a powerful way to build a connection with your potential customers allowing you to tell the story of your business, explain a product and help you reach larger audiences through social media and increase the time people spend browsing your website.

  • 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021
  • 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions.
  • 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.
  • “Evergreen”  video content can be used more than once. (ie. customer testimonials, “How To…”? explainer type videos, “About Us” videos)

We’ve come up with two flexible packages that can help you create some high quality, professional video for your small business in the Athboy area.

With Macavity Film’s flexible video packages you will get between 2-4 mins worth of video for your business.

That can be 1 video of 2 or 4 mins or it could be multiple shorter videos. Each tailored for use on your social media of choice (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). So whether you want a one-off video to showcase your business or an element of your service or as a series of short videos as part of a marketing campaign these packages are designed to help you achieve your goal with high-quality professional video service.

“The Explainer”

Want to create simple, short, and professional-looking video? Then this is the package for you.

  • Looking for some simple video to showcase your business or products?
  • Want to explain how your service works?
  • With this package you get a maximum 2 minutes of worth of video for your business with:

    • Music

    •  The option of 1 talking head
    • Animated logos and text

    • Multiple cuts of the video made specifically for your different social media platforms.
  • You will also get a selection of photographs of your business and products taken in-store.

We can also guide you through the process of uploading the videos to your relevant accounts.

Special Offer Price: €250

“The Storyteller”

Have a larger or more ambitious project in mind? This package is designed to help you longer video create a video with a more personal touch, why not create your own mini-documentary or get creative with an eye-catching scripted promo?

This could take the form of:

  • An “About Us” style video with interviews and behind the scenes footage.

  • Showcasing how your business engages with a particular issue.
  • Marking an important milestone in your business history.
  • Customer testimonial interviews/vox pops.
  • Educational video on your products for your customers.
  • Training video for your staff.
  • Got any other ideas? Let us know!

Click here to see a profile of the 2016 Young Farmer of the Year as an example of what your feature could look like.

  • You will get a maximum of 4 minutes of video for your business with the option of:

    • A scripted promotional video or multiple talking head style interviews (ie. staff, customers, clients, relevant stakeholders).
    • Music.

    • Animated Logos and Text.

    • Multiple cuts of the video made specificially for your different social media platforms.

SME Offer Price: €400

Get the right video for your Social Media

All major social media platforms have different requirements for video. We can provide you with a full suite of videos designed to look it’s best on your different social media channels.

  • Running a Facebook Business Page? We’ll produce a 90-second video for use as a Facebook cover video.
  • Have an Instagram account? That 2-4 min video can be cut down into multiple videos made suitable to be posted on Instagram stories and your Instagram feed.
  • Does your business Tweet? We will also produce a Twitter-friendly versions.
  • Plus: We can help you to upload the video to your social media, website, etc.

Want further assistance with your Social Media? We’ve got several years of social media management experience and can help you run your social media for 30 days.

  • Help you create a schedule for your social media.

  • Offer assistance with creating promotional material.

  • Product Photography

  • Keep your website up to date

  • Take the pressure off you so you can focus on running your business.

Interested in creating a video to help tell the story of your business?  Contact Macavity Films on the form below.