What does the name mean?

Our name comes from Macavity, The Mystery Cat from TS Eliot’s “Old Possums Book of Practical Cats”. (And also the musical Cats)

Also, we just like cats!

What kind of cameras do you use?

There are a few different cameras in our arsenal here at Macavity Films. Currently, we shoot the majority of projects with Panasonic cameras (the GH4 and the G7). This allows us to shoot in 4k which gives the best looking possible final video.

Although we also have some GoPro style action cameras that we break out when the occasion calls for it!

How do you edit your videos?

We use Adobe Premiere Pro CC and a little bit of Adobe After Effects when needed.

Can you live stream our event?

We do not offer live streaming as part of our services at present.

Do you do photography?

Yes, we are mainly focussed on video but we do take stills as well!

What are your wedding packages?

These are currently being developed. At the moment, you’ll have to ask directly for a quote for a wedding.

If I hired you for an event can I get extra footage from you?

Absolutely, but we would prefer to know ahead of time if you might want extra footage. It’s important that you let us know what specific footage you might want or need.